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Frequently asked questions

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What is payOnline HR & Payroll Software

PayOnline Payroll is a powerful payroll administration and employee management software/tool that has been designed exclusively for the human resource (HR) employees to make it easier for them to manage day-to-day payroll-related tasks. PayOnline Payroll software consists of various components like salary earnings, TDS on salary, professional tax, bonus, arrears, MIS and statutory reports, e-returns, and deductions such as PF, ESI, loans, etc. that can be used by HR employees for payroll administration and employee management. PayOnline Payroll is also updated regularly to work as per the latest Indian laws, rules, and regulations related to labor welfare, employees, etc.

How does online PayOnline work?

PayOnline payroll Software works on a SaaS Model (Software as a Service), meaning you just have to focus on running your payroll. You access the payroll solution via internet. You don’t have to bother about installation, maintenance, backups and upgrading of Payroll software. Web browser is all you need to access online payroll.

Who can access PayOnline Online Payroll ?

Any Company who is willing to digitize the HR & payroll processes can use this software. You will be billed every month for the number of employees your company has. It includes both active and inactive employees. You will be charged Rs. 10/- per month per employee for inactive employees. Please refer our Pricing for active employees.

How will I get support for software?

You are eligible for ‘Phone & Email’ support. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our Customer Response Center Team: (e) support@aadisoftindia.com.
(Toll Free) 1800-313-0039 (Monday – Friday Except Holidays 10AM – 6PM IST)

Why I should move to Online Payroll?

  • Do you need to spend money on Physical Server? No.
  • Do you need IT Team to manage Physical Server? No.
  • Do you worry about installing any software ? No.
  • Are you bothered how to take backups ? No.
  • Do you spend time upgrading this software ? No.
  • Do you have limitations of accessing your email anywhere anytime, on any device ? No.
You will enjoy all the above benefits when you move to online payroll. Focus and spend time on running your payroll not on what runs your payroll.

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